Who am I

What is  “Inarikko”? Who, or what, am I?

The short answer would be: “a translation project and pop culture blog “

The long answer to “Who am I” needs a little bit of explanation:

Inari is the Japanese god of fertility and crops (mostly rice): he is prayed for success, wealth and prosperity in general.

His sons are the Kitsune, the Japanese foxes of the folklore: spirits well known for their trickster nature and to be able to transform (often to play some tricks on unwary travelers). Because of that, Kitsune are also known for their curious and volatile nature, and are often depicted as loyal friends or guardians.

I may not be a spirit (..maybe. Who know who’s behind the keyboard?) but I like to think there’s something of those tricksters within us all: our curious, spiritual  and joyous nature, just hidden beneath the surface.

Please, be like a kitsune: take you time snooping around enjoying what I can offer and, maybe, leave a little cup of sake as an offer: Inari’s son (稲荷の子) will be forever grateful.



Welcome to my site. As translator from Japanese, I hope to upload some scans from untranslated doujins, but since it’s something I do in my spare time, don’t expect a release calendar. Also, I do accept unpaid commission, so feel fre to get in touch

As a blogger, I hope to share some some foods for thougts on pop cultures.
I don’t really like news sites, as anyone can get those from virtually any site: instead, I hope to approach topics based on evidence and reasoning, trying to create a base point for discussion and to say something new. I’m  sponsored by no one, so maybe you will find some uncontaminated opinion or topics to discuss. Have fun!

(and, if you really want to support the site, feel free to leave a donation. I will be forever grateful…and don’t forget to follow on twitter!)

Inarikko logo
Inarikko logo by the talented Crym

Current staff members:

-Inari Admin, translator, “web master”, blogger.

(That’s it.

It’s just me.

This is a 1-man project, but the plural is there in case anyone wanna join or contribute in the future)

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