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Live again

That is not dead which can eternal lie…*

Lovecraft’s cat while talking of this blog, probably

And since I laid inactive enough, I guess it’s time to live again and dust off this blog!

SPOILER: It's not Lovecraft's cat. 
Stil has no real connection to this blog
Mr L and a cat. Nothing to do with this blog, obviously

It was actually never alive, to be honest. I promised a translation and never completed it, as I changed job 2 times before corona hit. We all knew what happened after: I consequently lost job, house and had to return to Mother Country, unenployed and homeless.

It was all a conspirancy by the Smurfs, if you ask me

But as I am enjoying having a little more free time while prisoner within 3 walls as a guest, I decided to start this blog anew. I WILL post the translation as soon as I can get it back, I promise. Done that, I will start on some new translation project, probably the Guilty Gear Origin Novel. I will also try to update the blog randomly with thoughts and analysis related to pop culture or anything I like, if anyone is masochistic enoght to read through it.

Writing: I have some shit to share
Most of it is written in italian and then translated into english so PLEASE feel free to insult or point out errors. I do have also some longer novel to share but honestly I’m unsure if I will ever take the burden to translate it all, being about 50k words. We’ll see

Intellectual works to be read only through the new Kindle, to show how smart you are in supporting indipendent writers

What else?

Nothing, really.
I’ll just have fun with this little page until it last: I’ll add a donation page just in case you want to lend a hand: in my current situation, it would really be appreciated and could help in renewing the domain and hosting necessary to keep this shithole alive


*thank you Lovecraft for this recognizable quote I can use to appear intellectual and smart

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