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[まごころキッチン] (Magokoro Kicchin)-Raw Scan

So, here we have it: our first Raw scan, Magokoro Kicchin! Released for the winter comiket of 2012, Magokoro Kicchin (Heart’s Kitchen) is a doujin focused on Odin Sphere’s pookas after the Valentine disaster that transformed them into the rabbit-like being they are now. It’s a cute and heart-warming little tale where we find out…Continue reading[まごころキッチン] (Magokoro Kicchin)-Raw Scan


Translation Teaser

So Incredibly, I’ ending my slumber and finally announce we are going to work on our first translation! In the faraway 2012 I was a young lad that sailed to the faraway land of Nippon in search of Fame and Glory (or just a job): well, it didn’t worked quite well, but coincidentally I managed…Continue readingTranslation Teaser