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Incredibly, I’ ending my slumber and finally announce we are going to work on our first translation! In the faraway 2012 I was a young lad that sailed to the faraway land of Nippon in search of Fame and Glory (or just a job): well, it didn’t worked quite well, but coincidentally I managed to sneak in the Winter Comiket and get myself a nice loot.

While the experience itself deserves a post on its own, I can announce, in the meanwhile, that the next translation will be a sfw doujin I got my hands on that fateful day

Question is: from which series will it be based?

Well, I haven’t the scans ready yet (printer decided to die, so I have to wait for a replacement piece to arrive, thanks Canon), I guess a little teaser for the things to come can’t really hurt:

Furry Teaser
There you go. Clear as water

IF you can’t figure it out YET, here’s another help for the most impaired friends:

Another teaser. You can do it
Don’t fail me know, my Special friend

So, there you go, a teaser post. It’s not like this site has no content and I’m just trying to fill the gaps, h-ha ha…


Anyway, stay tuned for updates and check out our twitter for some unseen work in progress!*



*to tell you the truth, the twitter is empty at the moment. But hey:

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