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Inktober is a famous, motivational challenge for artists to improve inking skills consisting in, well, drawing a piece of inked art every day following a suggested theme. As it became viral during the years it spawned a lot of similar challenges, from witchtober to the one I’m talking about, Writober.

There it is. Apparenlty, italian only

By complete chance I noticed an old firend of mine on Facebook posting a new one: Writober, a written short story a day. It was at least 10 years I haven’t written anything, but I took the opportunity to start again one of my biggest passion, before life and (especially) the people around me made me cease writing completely, to even do it as a hobby.

So, it wasn’t the beginning of Oktober, and I skipped a couple of days, but here’s the little stories I wrote every day in a short span of time. It was a very interesting challenge, focus more on regaining perseverance than creating something of value, but I enjoyed it, and letting my mind go on write about the theme of the day was pretty fun. They’re not edited the slightest, as otherwise the challenge would lose meaning, and it’s not like I think to publish them or anything. The quality is also low, but somehow improves with time. Oh, and the last story has become a full nover of over 46k words, so I’ll decide later what to do with it.

I’ll post the stories little by little as I translate them, but I’ll publish also the original (italian) version too and provide EPUB downloadable files.
I’ll also update this post with links to all the stories as I translate them.





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